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How can I apply in your events ?


All our applications can be found here in our website. Please read the rules first before applying..

How can I apply as blogger?

Every time we will need bloggers  we will announce it in our social media.


Is it possible to obtain a refund ?


All fees are not refundable. If you do not meet any of the  rules Posesion Productions can eject you of the events without any refund

What can I do if someone is copying me?


 It´s clear in our rules that any copybotting and Terms of Service violations will  NOT be accepted. We will need to be provided with good evidence that there is a copyright or copybotting issue. If the team decided the evidence is enough, we will eject the offender from the event, this may also result in a ban. We also highly recommending filing a DMCA notice, more information and rules can be found here:


Who can I contact if I have any questions?


Stephano76 Resident - Posesion Productions COO

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