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Enjoy Halloween at The Darkness Event with our hunt!!! Our designers have hide a lot of gifts around the event. Come and get them all!!!!!! And don´t forget to visit the cementery in the event entry ^^

Follow the clues and get all your gifts..they are simply amazing!!!!!

The Hunt will be opened from October 15th till October 29th

1- BlondeQueen a dark corner near the candles

2- KiB Designs

"Between shadows" 

3- key style

sometimes the great tombs can hide many mysteries

4- vera tattoo

sometimes the angels are sad

5- Vulnus

find an angel and some chains, kneel down and pray


The entrance to the Coffin Door

7- Opulein

I'm not on the ground, I love climbing trees, especially those closest to the sea to admire it.

8- giuliadesign

at the cemetery the black man is scary

9- [C.Y♥Fashion]

I am closed in darkness with walls made of wood


behind a door to the dead

11- .:.Pariah.:.

If you look behind this, it will surely be "coughin'" up your gift

12- Tastic

This guy needs a cheeseburger (in the cemetary near entrance)

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