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● Open Round 5th of each month at 01:00 pm slt.

● Close Round the 28th of each month.

● 1st of each month we'll return your items to your inventory.

● Set up start at 29th of each month at 01:00 pm slt .

● Set up end 4th of each month at 01:00 pm slt.

● 10th to 20th of each month payment in the rent box assigned for that.

Designers Rules

● Your items must be new creations (dark style), and you'll can not sell them while your round is open,  after the event you can sell them in your store.

● 30 prims available for each designer and 2.800 L rate for each month (you can use your own decoration).

● 50 prims available for sponsors and a fee of 4.300 L.

● The payment can be made from day 5 to day 20 of each month in the rent box assigned for that. I understand all booths must be paid for in advance and set up completely. Event fees will not be refunded for late set up or failure to adhere to event rules.

● All designers that are late on payment or set up, will be excluded from the currently round, and we will check the waiting list .

● It's mandatory to participate in the event at least once in the three months after your application,  if you don't participate in the event in this 3 months, you will be ejected from the event group.

● Copyright infringement is strongly prohibited.

● We have room for only 80 designer each round.  If the list of 80 is complete you can enter to the waiting list. If you are in the waiting list you agree to be ready if necessary to rez the day of the event opening. 

● Please respect your neighbors. Everyone has their space to place the vendors.

● It's completely forbidden create for The Darkness stuff that Linden Lab deems harmful including any content that is illegal, harassing or violates any person´s rights. The Darkness will have the right to delete any stuff that violates that rule.


 - Late set ups will have an extension fee of 1000L (deadline for set up is 4th at 1 pm slt)
- Late set ups will not be included for our advertisement services.
You are allowed to ask for extra prims if you need them and the price will be of 10L$ per prim.

● Please read all rules before to apply

● About decoration is totally prohibited to use light colors, you are allowed to use black, grey, and dark tones, like         dark red, dark purple, dark blue.... NON PASTEL TONES.
● Decoration is only allowed inside the booth. 
● The texture of your logo at the top of the booth must be visible.
● No floating text and any kind of scripts are allowed. Only vendor scripts. No TP, groups....
● Only exclusive creations for the round will be allowed.
● It´s mandatory to send your exclusive vendor´s picture to the event e-mail
● It isn't mandatory but very recommended to add your exclusive item at our blogger room, so our bloggers can promote your creations.
● If you want to appear on Seraphim blog you must mark your exclusive with an "EXCLUSIVE" sign


Bloggers Rules

● Open Round 5th of each month at 01:00 pm slt.

● Close Round 28th of each month at 01.00 pm slt.  

* Your photos must be high quality 

* Put The Darkness Event Event logo on your blog.

* You must blog at least 2/3 items in every post and we ask for 4 different posts minimum per month, more items and posts are welcome.

* You MUST have at least ONE post BEFORE the event starts. You must have the rest of the post at least one week before the round ends.

* Put the name of the store whose articles you are posting and the name and SLurl of The Darkness Event. Please be grateful  with the designers and think to tag them on your post.

*  Add every post to to the Darkness Event Flickr Group:

* When you share your post of our event in your Facebook, please tag the event: @thedarknessmonthlyevent 

* Contact to our blogger manager if for some reason you can not comply with the required posts or reports. We understand RL can be stressful, but if so, please let us know.

* Our blogger manager will contact you if you have not made the reports or if you have not posted 4 times, if it does not obtain any reply, sadly you will be ejected of the bloggers group.  

* For any question you can contact our blogger manager.

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