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DARKNESS WEEKEND SALES is a weekly event where creators can showcase their products giving customers amazing offers. This event will reach new customers, increase sales and also provide shoppers with the opportunity to discover new brands.

This app is by invitation only! DO NOT share this link with third parties!!

All designers who comply with the dark theme can join this event. 

DARKNESS WEEKEND SALES will run every Friday of the month.


Join Discord Server for more information:

Contact information:  Dahriel Nova (dahriel#6147), Stephano (stephanodelpiero) or Briony Writer (briony.writer)  

Every week you must apply to get on the list for the weekend



Weekly Payment : L$666

Product Price: L$66   

You can display UP TO 3 items, different colors will not be considered as a new item (example you can sell a pant with 10 colors-66L each color).

Items can be new, past or updated

Darkness Weekend Sales Timeline
You must complete the application, pay for your spot and setup on time so a team member can confirm your items by Thursday by 9am slt.



Remember to carefully read and follow all these rules to ensure a successful participation in DARKNESS WEEKEND SALES.

·  You must participate minimum once per month to remain active in the event. (You can participate weekly you want).

·  During the sale weekend, all of your sale items must be priced at 66L per item.

·  Your store sale display must feature the Darkness Weekend Sale Kiosk. It can be found in the Designer/Welcome kit.

·  Your full setup MUST be completed by 09:00 AM SLT on Thursday. This includes sending in your ad picture and LM. If you are not set up when we do final check, you will be removed from the round. There will be no refunds for not being set up on time.

·  You can have up to THREE items in the sale every week. Different colors will not be considered as a new item (example you can sell a pant with 10 colors-66L each color).

·  Your sale item should NOT have been featured in another major event in the last 3 months or during the same week/month it was sold at full price.

· You cannot use the same item for two months after using it at the DARKNESS WEEKEND SALES

·  ANY AND ALL COPYRIGHT VIOLATIONS will be excluded from the sale. Your sale item should not use any copyrighted material in the vendor ad or display, including real-life slogans, trademarks, patterns, brand names, or characters.

·  We ask that your ads be social media friendly with genitals blurred out as best as possible.

·  The landmark or SLURL provided should have easy access to the item.

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